Optimise Your Performance


BEFORE FIRST USE  |  PRE-WASH to remove any debris / excess lint from production.

FOR BEST RESULTS  |  PRE-WET before use with a suitable thinner and remove excess for a slightly damp, primed state. Avoid using water-based and solvent-based coatings with the same roller.

CLEANING  |  Wash with a suitable thinner. For water-based coatings, use water. For solvent-based coatings, use coating recommendation or white spirit. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Remove excess water with a clean towel. Spin to shape, stand on end, and dry naturally. Soak, machine wash, or use citrus cleaners at your own risk. Avoid putting chemicals in drains.

HEADLOCK PRO |  For an efficient cleaning routine we recommend the HEADLOCK PRO System. Learn more

STORAGE  |  Once dry, place your roller in a protective cover and store in a dry, dust-free place to keep it in top condition for your next project.

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